CCC calls for investigation after factory fire Philippines

CCC calls for investigation after factory fire Philippines

19-05-2015 16:50

Clean Clothes Campaign calls on the government of the Philipines to carry out a full and detailed investigation into the circumstances surrounding a fire at a Manila slipper factory, which killed at least 72 workers on May 13th 2015.

The naked truth of H&M starts now

The naked truth of H&M starts now

Why not tell this season's bikini models to talk to H&M about living wages? : Dear Doutzen, you have recently modelled for the new bikini line of H&M. Congratulations with the beautiful pictures! But do you know where and under what conditions the bikinis of H&M are made?

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From moral responsibility to legal liability? - A report on Inditex/Zara in Brasil

From moral responsibility to legal liability? - A report on Inditex/Zara in Brasil

12-05-2015 13:24

This research report exposes Zara’s dodgy legal strategy to avoid liability for Brazilian labour rights abuses. In 2011, Brazilian inspectors found cases of modern-day slavery in Zara’s supply chain. After the scandal, Zara promised improvements by monitoring its supply chain more closely. The new inspection findings and the research report reveal that Zara is not living up to the agreements made with the Brazilian authorities at that time.

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So many people joined the Rana Plaza global day of action

On April 24th 2015, thousands and thousands of people worldwide joined in to demand justice for the victims of Rana Plaza, to hold brands accountable and to ensure that vital and lasting changes are made in the global apparel industry. United, we can make change happen.

We're still getting in reports from actions all over the world.

And while the funding gap hasn't been completey filled yet, we are oh so close. Together, we won't stop until full and fair compensation is reached!

Meanwhile, you can follow us on facebook and twitter for the latest updates.

Helpful links for more information about the Rana Plaza disaster, the compensation fund, and which brands to need to pay up:

Benetton to show true colors at Milan Fashion week

24-02-2015 14:40

Clean Clothes Campaign marks Milan Fashion Week, which opens today, with actions across Europe calling on Benetton to stop delaying payments to the Rana Plaza victims by immediately contributing at least $5 million into the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund.

Widow from 2012 factory fire petitions KiK

05-03-2015 10:55

Widow from 2012 factory fire in Pakistan launches community petition demanding long-term compensation from German company KiK

Rana Plaza survivor and others arrested at Children's Place headquarters

18-03-2015 12:20

Nearly 30 demonstrators, including a survivor of the Rana Plaza building collapse, were arrested on 12 march 2015 after organizing a peaceful protest at Children's Place headquarters in New Jersey.

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