Who has paid and who is dragging their heels?

The first anniversary of the tragic collapse of Rana Plaza is fast approaching and the Donor Trust Fund needs USD$40 million to make sure all the families of the dead and the survivors receive the much-needed compensation for loss of income and medical expenses.

To date just under 1/2 of the funds needed have been contributed and only half of all brands associated with factories in the collapsed building have made any contribution.

Brands must act now and make significant contributions to ensure that all those who suffered on that terrible day last April are able to start to rebuild their lives.

The Donor Trust Fund is open for voluntary donations and it is up to the donor to decide if they want to make their contribution public.  This list is based on the latest information we have on public donations.

The following brands have yet to publicly commit to the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund despite having had links to a factory in the building.

We call on them to immediately make significant contributions and allow the families and survivors the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Adler Modemärkte

Grabalok (Store 21)

Manifattura Corona

Ascena Retail

Iconix (Lee Cooper)



J C Penney

PWT (Texman)


KANZ/ Kids Fashion Group

Robe di Kappa

 Cato Fashions

LC Waikiki

Yes Zee

The following brands have made initial contributions to the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund.  But the amount collected still falls a long way short of what is needed. 

Brands such as N Brown Group, VF Corporation, Gap, H&M Conscious Foundation, Debenhams and Zebra Fashion  have made contributions even thought they did not source from a factory in Rana Plaza. Primark, have made a significant contribution (in total approximately US$7 million), however all others listed here need to increase their contributions. 



C&A Foundation




BRAC USA incl.

donations from

The Children's Place,

Walmart, Asda and

the Walmart Foundation

El Corte Ingles








Premier Clothing


That is what is needed in the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund to ensure all the survivors of Rana Plaza and the families of the 1,138 who were killed those in need receive the much needed financial support for loss of income and medical costs.

A ground breaking arrangement has been agreed, bring the Bangladeshi Government, clothing brands, international and national trade unions, NGOs and employers associations together. 

The Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund is a voluntary fund that is open to anyone to make donations.

Most of those killed in the collapse of Rana Plaza were working in one of the five garment factories housed in the building. 

The size of the contributions should adequately reflect the relationship they had with Rana Plaza and with Bangladesh as a whole, as well as their ability to pay. Brands should also ensure that their contributions are significant enough to ensure the US$40 million amount is reached by the first anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza.

Everything is in place - it is time for the clothing brands who rely on Bangladesh to Pay Up!