We remember them

We remember them

24-04-2014 09:15

A year to the day after the deadly collapse of Rana Plaza Clean Clothes Campaign remembers all those who died or were injured. 1,138 people were killed and over 2,000 injured, nearly all were garment workers forced to go back in the factory despite fears the building was unsafe. The deadly collapse of Rana Plaza, a building in the Savar district of Dhaka, Bangladesh, showed the world the true cost of fashion.


In memory of those who died or were injured in Rana Plaza.

Read more about the Pay Up campaign.

  • If you want to join a memorial event today find your closest event here.

  • If you cannot make an event but want to take action here are three things you can do:
    • Near a store? Here is a letter you can adapt and take into your local Benetton - or any other brand who has yet to pay up - you can see the list here.
    • On Twitter? Follow us @cleanclothes we will be tweeting throughout the day please re-tweet, share and remember to use #ranaplaza & #payup
    • On Facebook? Please add this logo to your page.

The Rana Plaza claims process explained (video)

24-04-2014 09:00

Dr. Mojtaba Kazazi is the Chief Commissioner of the Rana Plaza Arrangement, with a team of Commissioners he is overseeing the claims process in Bangladesh. In this short video he explains the process and the work being done to ensure all the families and survivors receive the financial support they need.

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Shila Begum - survivors story

17-04-2014 15:55

At just 26 years of age Shila's life has been changed forever after being trapped in Rana Plaza. She was working in a factory in Rana Plaza to support herself and her daughter when the building collapsed and she spent the whole day waiting to be rescued. This April she joined campaigners across Europe to call on brands to Pay Up!

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Which brands need to Pay Up!

16-04-2014 16:05

On the first anniversary of the terrible collapse of Rana Plaza just 1/3 of the money needed has been committed to the Donor Trust Fund. All brands connected to Rana Plaza or Bangladesh must Pay Up! The survivors and victims' families have suffered enough. Find out which brands have failed to contribute at all and which brands need to pay more.

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