Join thousands in the call for a living wage

Join thousands in the call for a living wage

While the summer sale is in full swing in cities around the world, Clean Clothes Campaign raises attention on the ‘manufacturing defects’ of clothes with the launch of the Living Wage Defect website. People can sign the petition for a living wage for garment workers and can symbolically send back a garment due to its living wage defect to fashion brands.

Adidas and Mizuno involved in unfair dismissal case

Adidas and Mizuno involved in unfair dismissal case

26-08-2015 11:28

Last Thursday, a large group of workers who stitched sport shoes for adidas and the Japanese brand Mizuno took to the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta to demand their immediate reinstatement.

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WE WON!! Rana Plaza workers get compensation

WE WON!! Rana Plaza workers get compensation

08-06-2015 15:05

The Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) is delighted to announce a major campaign victory with the confirmation that the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund has finally met its target of $30 million, following a large anonymous donation.

Thank you!

So many people joined the Rana Plaza global day of action

On April 24th 2015, thousands and thousands of people worldwide joined in to demand justice for the victims of Rana Plaza, to hold brands accountable and to ensure that vital and lasting changes are made in the global apparel industry. United, we can make change happen.

We're still getting in reports from actions all over the world.

With all this public pressure, the campaign finally managed to secure enough donations for full and fair compensation!

This is a major victory, but the struggle for decent working conditions is not over. You can follow us on facebook and twitter for the latest updates.

Helpful links for more information about the Rana Plaza disaster, the compensation fund, and which brands did or did not pay up:

UNIQLO under fire for factory closure after worker uprising

24-07-2015 08:50

UNIQLO, one of Asia's biggest fashion brands, has come under fire this month after one of its Chinese supplier factories, Artigas Clothing and Leather, shut down without notice and denied workers severance and social insurance payments.

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CCC calls for investigation after factory fire Philippines

19-05-2015 16:50

Clean Clothes Campaign calls on the government of the Philipines to carry out a full and detailed investigation into the circumstances surrounding a fire at a Manila slipper factory, which killed at least 72 workers on May 13th 2015.

Rana Plaza survivor and others arrested at Children's Place headquarters

18-03-2015 12:20

Nearly 30 demonstrators, including a survivor of the Rana Plaza building collapse, were arrested on 12 march 2015 after organizing a peaceful protest at Children's Place headquarters in New Jersey.

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