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Clothing brands fail Rana Plaza survivors

Clothing brands fail Rana Plaza survivors

10-04-2014 00:00

With a week to go before the first anniversary of the devastating building collapse, clothing brands contributions to Donor Trust Fund remain shockingly low. Workers, unionists and campaigners around the world are continuing to call on all brands to pay up. The survivors and the victims families have suffered enough.

Which brands need to Pay Up!

Which brands need to Pay Up!

16-04-2014 16:05

At least 29 major clothing brands had sourcing arrangements with one of the five factories housed in Rana Plaza at the time of the collapse or in the near past. Combined those 29 brands have a yearly profit in excess of US$22 billion. The amount they are being asked to contribute to the Donor Trust Fund - US$40 million - is just 0.02% of these profits. There are no more excuses - all brands must pay up!

ACT! - demand a living wage 

Read more about the petition.

I want the women and men who stitch my clothes to earn enough to feed their family, pay their rent and live a decent life. A living wage is a human right, for all people all over the world. It's time to pay a living wage to all garment workers.

Cambodian garment workers commence strike for a living wage

17-04-2014 13:45

Today, thousands of garment workers in Cambodia begin a new series of actions to demand of a living wage. After the earlier violence that workers faced in January the unions in Cambodia are calling on workers to stay at home as part of a week long action demanding resumption of good faith wage negotiations.

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New report looks at company progress towards a living wage

31-03-2014 11:55

Tailored Wages is an in depth study of the policies and practices companies are doing - or not - to implement a living wage. Multi-brand survey asked companies to report on their current policies on a living wage and the practical steps they are taking in order to ensure workers receive a wage they can live on.

Take action: Make sure Benetton pays what they owe

19-03-2014 14:34

We know that Benetton cares about what people think. They only signed the Accord last year following a million signature campaign demanding they did so. Now they are avoiding their obligation and are ignoring the plight of the Rana Plaza victims. Benetton must take responsibility now.

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Since 1989, the Clean Clothes Campaign is dedicated to improving working conditions and supporting the empowerment of workers in the global garment and sportswear industries. 

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